Recruiting Young Talents

Although the FIS-ASP data center is not quite as overwhelming as Google, its complex of four buildings, however, is equally impressive: aisles full of server racks, blinking lights, hundreds of meters of wiring: extraordinary IT young professionals can touch.

25 young talents were recently guests at the FIS headquarters in Grafenrheinfeld. At the invitation of FIS GmbH and accompanied by Prof. Dr. Karl Liebstückel, the students of the faculty of computer science and business informatics at the Fachhochschule Würzburg/Schweinfurt (University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt) learned more about the various tasks at one of the largest German SAP service providers.


"The shortage of skilled professionals is nothing new", says Christian Hüsing, head of the Enterprise Information Management department. "IT companies in particular need to recruit young talents in good time to master the enormous tasks and challenges in anything to do with digital transformation". Consequently, the long-term FIS human resource strategy focuses on public relations and trade show presence. FIS GmbH addresses the almost 3,800 students matriculated for industrial engineering, business management, e-commerce, business informatics and computer science at the Fachhochschule Würzburg/Schweinfurt not only by its regular participation in the FH Practical Forum. In addition, the HR department organizes excursions during which the students have the chance to get to know FIS and its passion for IT directly and on the spot. "These young people are an interesting target group for us right on our doorstep", says Christian Hüsing.


Words of welcome by managing director Ralf Bernhardt and a general overview of facts, development and strategy were followed by the practical part. The Enterprise Information Management department described its field of activities under the motto of "Document reading performers and workflow artists". The motto of FIS/EAI Solutions was "Entering into the world of digital communication". The lecture on availability and high redundancy held by FIS-ASP (the subsidiary of FIS GmbH) led directly to the guided tour of the data center. Afterwards, the students got an impression of the complexity of ERP projects and the topics FIS offers for diploma theses.


Christian Hüsing: "We have done our best to organize a really professional excursion with varied lectures and different focuses. The great feedback showed that our effort was worth the while". If our strategy works out, we might welcome one or several of these students again as employee at FIS in Grafenrheinfeld joining us on our way to digital transformation.

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