Siemens Eliminates Loading Equipment Document

Together with its vendors, the "Power and Gas" division (area "Transformers and Products") of the Siemens Schaltwerk location designs shared processes through the cloud-based iRetPlat loading equipment platform by FIS-iLog.

In the past, the "Power and Gas" division (area "Transformers and Products") of the Siemens Schaltwerk location in Berlin managed receipts and issues of loading equipments in an Access database. This database exactly recorded how many containers and boxes were given to every vendor and which of them had already been returned. Prior to each Access entry, the individual RTP movements (returnable transport packagings) were documented with accompanying document form and carbon paper and controlled by several persons involved in the supply chain.


Manual transmission errors were unavoidable. Moreover, the database was only maintained by Siemens. The vendors maintained their own accounting in Excel tables and sent them once a month to the Third Party Logistics Inbound office in Berlin-Spandau. There, the lists were printed and the employees checked with ruler and pencil whether the data corresponded with the quantities entered by them - item by item. Any variances were only identified after this control and required time-consuming clarification.


In the meantime, Siemens has moved the administration of loading equipment accounts with vendors and forwarding agents into a cloud-based environment using the iRetPlat solution of FIS-iLog integrated Logistics Platform GmbH. As a result, all persons involved have access to the information at the same time via the corresponding RTP movements.


Wherever a movement is created, it will be recorded only once via the platform. The employee loading or unloading the truck with wire mesh boxes transfers the number and departure/destination of the loading equipment to the platform via mobile terminal, where a system posting is made. At the same moment, their counterpart is informed about the new entry via app and can verify it immediately. This means that variances can be identified promptly and documented via app. In addition, comments as well as files and images describing the variance can easily be uploaded directly for the entry made.


Based on this posting, it can be specified for each loading equipment movement whether it has been coordinated or not. Errors are identified immediately and employees no longer need to search for a specific operation in archives several weeks later and collect the respective data if they want to control this operation subsequently. Using the cloud platform, the Siemens division was able to reduce the efforts for managing and maintaining vendor accounts by 60 %.

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