FIS Provides the BITKOM IT Sector Association with Expertise for Digital Processes

The digitization of business processes is an important part of digital transformation. It is the goal of a project group within the BITKOM “ECM market and strategy” working team to sharpen this awareness. As an active BITKOM member company, FIS GmbH provides this team with its know-how.

As a new BITKOM member, FIS commits itself to topics it has particular expertise in: digitization and automation of business processes, for which the “Digital processes” project group is responsible as part of the “ECM market and strategy” working team. Christian Hüsing, Head of the FIS Enterprise Information Management department, is a member of this project group and one of the authors of its framework document, which distinctly defines the term “digital process”. Being an active member of BITKOM enables FIS to anticipate market trends and developments at an early stage. Further goals are to increase the FIS brand awareness on the market and to create and extend networks.


Almost all business processes start with a document or an exchange of documents. Documents can also be generated from processes. This is why the ECM competence center of BITKOM has identified the necessity of processing questions concerning digital processes: ECM systems are primarily used to optimize commercial business processes along with the improved compliance with regulatory guidelines.


Against this background, the project group discusses the digitization and automation of business processes as well as innovations and trends of digital processes. The results of such discussions are publications, guidelines and comments that are regularly published by the project group. The “Digital processes – term definition and thematic classification” whitepaper FIS was involved in can be downloaded from the Web site of the project group.


Currently, the “ECM market and strategy” working team is creating a video explaining “digital processes” in which FIS appears as a sponsor. The one-and-a-half-minute video addresses employees of companies and administrations and explains the digitization of processes in a way everyone can understand. Another video focusing on “ZUGFeRD” is being prepared.

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